Reasons why application maintenance and outsourcing can cut costs.

Jan 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

AND improve throughput? why this type of software outsourcing can work for you!

Application maintenance is like the “red headed stepchild” of the technology department. Why is that so? Most Fortune 1000 companies have many core systems that have been around for a long while and need care and feeding. The challenge is that most technology departments want to work on the new cool projects. Every company is looking to extend their core functionality to the edge of the enterprise through mobile applications, eCommerce and data analytics. Unfortunately, those “edge” applications only work if the “core” is solid.

Core applications interoperate with the edge applications when the solution is architected correctly. Frankly, its those applications that are more fun to work on, leverage agile development methodologies and get visibility from executive management. Software developers like the “cool” factor and the attention. In many ways, its good for their careers. However, if the core legacy applications are not solid, there is no way the edge would work.

At PRI Solutions, we believe that outsourcing the ongoing maintenance and support makes sense for many reasons.
EXPERIENCE – First off, we have a depth of experience in managing our customers core systems and have been doing software outsourcing for over 25 years.
CAPACITY – Second, we can deliver a hybrid team of developers onsite and offshore. This allows us to work 15 hours days from our offices in India. The result is more throughput of both backlog and new enhancements.
LOWER COST – Third, our blended rate is below your internal costs and can be in the 65 7o 75 dollars per hour. We are not cheap offshore labor. We provide onsite project management and resources where necessary supplemented by our offshore teams.
FLEXIBILITY – Fourth, because our teams can scale up and down to meet your needs, your most experienced developers can work on your strategic projects and PRI can deliver maintenance and support.

Give us a call or go to our website at to see how we can deliver this kind of software outsource project for you.


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