We Enabled Transactions on Billions of Accounts for a Leading Fintech Company


  • Enhance technology platform to support key business and technical needs.
  • Roll out capabilities in new geographic areas
  • Add features required to keep up with business demand
  • Refactor, develop, and build cloud-ready applications


  • Develop an understanding of business context, platform architecture, and SLA requirements
  • Confirm skill sets required and onboard full development team
  • Create and test software components to address requirements
  • Integrate new software components with client release and 
deployment processes
  • Deliver fully-functional build pipelines
  • Perform ongoing architectural analysis and technical designs, including data architecture
  • Conduct agile project management practices to align deliverables with client’s desired schedule

Business Impact

  • Enabled secure, near real-time payment transfers to and from billions of card, bank, and digital accounts globally.
  • Program participants (banks, businesses, digital players, and more) can modernize the way they send money, making funds available to recipients almost instantly
  • Uber and Lyft use this platform to pay their drivers instantly. Google Play and many other major payment processing providers are also using this application to send money
  • Proven to increase user spend and engagement, strengthening core business performance

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