PRI Global Transforms Pharmaceutical Patient Care with Enhanced Medication Management Mobile App


In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for accessible healthcare solutions is paramount. PRI Global, a leading IT solutions provider, recently completed an innovative project for a prominent pharmaceutical client aimed at improving patient care and medication management. By enhancing their existing mobile app, PRI Global successfully empowered patients to effectively manage their medications anytime and anywhere. This case study delves into the situation, problem, and remarkable results achieved through this transformative project.


The pharmaceutical industry faces numerous challenges when it comes to medication adherence and patient care. One of the key issues identified by PRI Global’s pharmaceutical client was the lack of an efficient system for patients to manage their medications. The client recognized the need to leverage technology to develop a comprehensive mobile application that would empower patients to take control of their health by easily organizing and tracking their medications.


Before collaborating with PRI Global, the pharmaceutical client faced several critical obstacles that hindered patient medication management:

  1. Complexity: Traditional medication management methods relied heavily on paper-based instructions and calendars, resulting in confusion and potential errors in medication intake.
  2. Accessibility: Patients often struggled to access crucial medication-related information on the go, leading to missed doses and compromised treatment plans.
  3. Communication: Limited communication channels between patients and healthcare providers hindered the ability to track progress, address concerns promptly, and provide timely guidance.

The Solution

PRI Global helped in the development of a solution that focused on enhancing the existing mobile app to address the client’s challenges and deliver a seamless medication management experience for patients. The key features and improvements implemented were:

  1. Intuitive User Interface: PRI Global revamped the mobile app’s user interface, making it user-friendly, visually appealing, and easy to navigate, ensuring a positive user experience.
  2. Medication Reminders: The new app incorporated advanced medication reminder functionality, allowing patients to set personalized alerts for each medication, ensuring timely intake and minimizing missed doses.
  3. Medication Tracking: PRI Global integrated a robust tracking system that enabled patients to monitor their medication intake history, ensuring adherence to prescribed treatment plans.
  4. Information Access: The app provided patients with comprehensive medication information, including dosage instructions, potential side effects, and drug interactions, enabling them to make informed decisions.
  5. Communication Platform: PRI Global implemented a secure messaging feature that facilitated direct communication between patients and healthcare providers, enabling quick consultations, clarifications, and prompt guidance.


Following the successful implementation of PRI Global’s enhanced mobile app, the pharmaceutical client witnessed remarkable outcomes:

  1. Improved Medication Adherence: The medication reminder feature significantly enhanced patient adherence rates, reducing missed doses and improving treatment outcomes.
  2. Enhanced Patient Empowerment: The app’s user-friendly interface and access to comprehensive medication information empowered patients to take an active role in managing their health, leading to increased engagement and accountability.
  3. Streamlined Communication: The secure messaging platform streamlined communication between patients and healthcare providers, enabling prompt response to patient queries, proactive guidance, and overall improved patient-provider relationships.
  4. Positive Patient Feedback: Patients praised the enhanced mobile app for its simplicity, effectiveness, and convenience. The intuitive design and personalized features garnered positive user reviews, contributing to increased patient satisfaction and loyalty.
  5. Scalability and Future Potential: PRI Global’s solution was designed with scalability in mind, allowing the pharmaceutical client to expand its reach and cater to a growing user base. Additionally, the app’s data collection capabilities provided valuable insights for future improvements and personalized patient care.


By collaborating with PRI Global and leveraging their expertise in IT solutions, the pharmaceutical client successfully transformed medication management for their patients. The enhanced mobile app provided an intuitive and accessible platform for patients to manage their medications effectively, resulting in improved medication adherence

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