Why is systems integration a competitive weapon?

Jan 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

3 reasons why you need an integration strategy

Over the last 15 years, software development, has narrowed its focus. With the cost of capital at almost zero for the last decade, software projects have had to differentiate themselves from one another through focus. Venture capitalists have talked up “minimum viable product” (MVP) and concepts like finding “riches in the niches.” All of this sounds good until you have to deal with departments all over the enterprise buying technical solutions because they could put it on their AMEX card.

Not that those solutions are bad, they are not. It’s that we have optimized the department or division to the detriment of the enterprise.

Read how systems integration can deliver great results.

• When an enterprise has islands of technology across the company, the quality of the data being passed between systems does not happen automatically. Most software companies have different data models so “customer” might be one length in one data base and another in a different system. Having a data integration strategy can reduce error and ensure accuracy.
• When enterprise data is fragmented, customer services is degraded. In order to give the very best service, we need to know about the customer. We need data to be interoperable across eCommerce, support and shipping so we can provide the very best services on the first inquiry. Or even better, the customer can get an answer their own questions easily.
• Without an integration strategy, it is difficult to build data analytics strategies because data is different across the enterprise. If you don’t normalize that data through a data integration strategy, you can report or analyze effectively, which robs the company of the best data analysis.
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